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Teemu Skön is an exprerienced circus multitalent. Teemu works as a circus teacher and performer and also is an entrepreneur. Teemu has performed in 19 different countries with more than 15 years of experience. Teemu's disciplines are e.g. trampoline, teeterboard, juggling, balancing ja pilates ball.

Teemu has been part of commercials, music videos, documents and also acted as main actors stuntdouble in two Pelle Hermanni movies.

TemppuSirkus is  a one man circus entertaiment company started by Teemu Skön, offering quality circus program to any event and happening.

Looking for a performer?

-Book a show, that won't be forgotten! Comic, tecnique and action with danger element!
-Every show includes a trick with audience volunteer(s).

-Mind blowing acrobatics, even eyes shut and also pilates ball acro.
-Juggling also with knives and with different balances.

- Shows tailored according to event and customers wishes.

-Price according to program and lenght.



+358 40761 2623

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